Last Call for the Exploris Annual Fund!


Dear Exploris School Family,

This has been a memorable year. Each of us has faced challenges on many fronts. You, with our faculty and staff, helped our students stay focused by putting clear purpose, creativity, experiential learning values and high academic expectations firmly into action.

Communication has taken so many new forms. We’ve excelled at staying “in touch” in new ways. The results, we believe, have deepened our understanding of what we value and how exploration, invention, learning and practice make us stronger and more agile. Kindness and good humor and grace were in play. We are more committed than ever to the principles that make The Exploris School so special. We are proud of our work and the results. We believe our core values are well demonstrated by one recent Exploris graduate trying to improve our world:

We wish we could share all of this year’s portfolio reviews. Our advancing students have lifted accomplishment to new levels. A bonus of using ZOOM meant that a student’s personal supporters, near and far (some very far!) were able to attend. We want to thank all of you who helped create these success stories. 

As we close this year and prepare for the next, our Leadership Team asks that you consider a special gift to our Annual Fund, now. Fundraising has reasonably been paused for the last three months as we turned our focus to the health and safety of our community, so we have a brief opportunity to make it up. The Annual Fund is a critical part of our operating budget, so we are behind. We have a lot of in-house work to do to prepare for August and raising $20,000 now will help with that crucial preparation.  

We recognize that there has been financial hardship for many. With 50% participation, we know that many of you have already given. If you are able, we would love to have you give again. We also have heard that many were planning to give by the end of the school year and may still intend to. Help us finish the school year strong! As you are able, we hope that each of you will say “Yes” and respond below before Friday, June 19.

Please send this to anyone in your networks of family, friends and funders. We believe that Exploris has been a beacon of hope and example of community for our families during this period, and look forward to reuniting (in whatever form) in the fall. Thank you for your loyalty to The Exploris School as we strive to create a lifetime of learning and service. 

Exploris is made for times like these. 


Kimberly Harris
Chair, Annual Fund

Our Vision: Empowering learners to improve our world.