12/14 MM: Teacher Thanks! Pizza Orders

  1. Teacher Gifts – please contribute by Friday
  2. Panera Volunteers
  3. Angel Tree thank you
  4. Pizza Order Form for 12/18
  5. Important Exploris Survey- Fill out by Dec. 18
  6. Surround Ms. Ashley with love!
  7. December School Newsletter Online
  8. Yearbook Photos Needed
  9. Exploris Fund Donations
  10. Happy December birthdays to our faculty
  11. Upcoming Events- Winter Break Friday Dec 18 (12:15pm) – Monday, Jan 4 (8am)!


1. Teacher Gifts! 

Exploris PTO coordinates schoolwide teacher gifts in December before the Winter Break, and again in June before the end of school.  We encourage all parents to contribute to this gift pool. This collection ensures that all teachers and staff members receive the recognition they deserve! 

Please donate to the Exploris Holiday 2020 Teacher Gift by December 18:

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!   For more information , please visit our Teacher Thanks/FAQ page here.

2. Panera Bread Pick-Up- volunteers needed
Want to help give back to the community and support our school? Sign up for Panera Bread Pick-Up. Each sign-up occurs at 7:55 pm on Sunday evenings at the Glenwood Panera. The following morning you drop off at Shepard’s Table Soup Kitchen prior to 11:00 am. The soup kitchen now more than ever relies on our donation. For more information and to sign up:
3. Exploris Angel Tree- thank you !
Thank you for making the Exploris Angel Tree such a great success!  All slots have been filled and the Kindergarten Parent Liaison Group is so appreciative for all  that were able to contribute.  Gifts are due to school on Monday, December 14th and will be handed out later this week by the Exploris Counseling Team.  
We hope this holiday season is a great one for all!
Thank you!
Kindergarten Liaison Group

4. December 18 Drive-through Event!  Pizza orders online now
Drive by the Elementary school campus between 4-6pm on December 18 to pick up School Picture and spiritwear orders, and drop off any used batteries or electronics for recycling as part of an 8th grade project.AND grab a tasty ready-for-the-oven pizza as part of our Papa Murphy’s pizza fundraiser!

Pizza Order Form here:  https://forms.gle/NgBda5pXa9y3Lviy9

5. Return to In-Person Learning Commitment Form – please fill out! Please complete this short form about your commitment to staying in a remote learning environment or about your intent to send your student back to school if we are able to reopen for a rotation of students. These numbers are crucial for us to be able to figure out our capacity and potential schedules. All families must complete the form by December 18th.

6. Surround Ms. Ashley with love this holiday season
As the Giving Season is upon us, one of our very own teachers needs a little love.  Between multiple surgeries within the last two years for both her husband and her son Chase, Ms. Ashley of 3rd grade needs just a little extra love and support this year.  Her husband has just had hip replacement surgery and will be recovering for the next 2 – 3 months, her son, Chase also has had his own surgeries, requiring time off work and therapy sessions for the entire family.   
Those students who have had Ms. Ashley know the love and passion that Ashley has for each and every Exploris student. The 3rd grade parents have created a Go Fund Me and an Amazon Wish List to help!   Please consider a donation, your generosity is greatly appreciated!

7. December School Newsletter Online

The Exploris School December newsletter has been published. Please read it for links, grade level updates, upcoming events, and more!


118767851_3281727658614612_1250413635208515472_n8. Yearbook Photos Needed!

If you missed school portraits, please follow these instructions to upload a portrait of your child by Friday, December 18. We want to include every child in the yearbook this year, as always!
As always, Here’s the link for purchasing your yearbook! It is $35 through December 18. 
Here’s the link for purchasing your yearbook! 

The Exploris Yearbook Staff is creating pages with YOUR photos!  If you have missed the Food, What’s New, sports, covid, spirit week, pet photos, digital learning, summer or fall photo drops you can always submit those and general photos to this link.

Please see the note below from the Exploris Yearbook Staff. 
Hello students and parents, 
We are from the yearbook committee and we would like to have volunteers for students to answer a few questions to be included in the yearbook about their experience with this crazy year. 
Students, if you choose to participate in this, we would also like to ask if you can submit a photo of yourself doing something school-related! Answers and pictures can be emailed to ssavannah@exploris.org
The questions: 
What do you feel about digital learning?
What is your favorite subject? 
The Yearbook Committee

9. We hope you’ll consider a year end donation to the Exploris Fund.  You can: 
Contact Kimberly Harris with any questions or concerns at annualfund@exploris.org. Thank you for supporting Exploris! 

10. Happy Birthday!

Please wish all of our Exporis faculty December birthdays a Happy Birthday this month!
  • Amanda Northrup – December 4th
  • Paula Mancini – December 15th


  1. Friday, December 18 – Early Dismissal
  2. Friday, December 18 – Drive through event at the elementary campus, 4-6pm
  3. Friday Dec 18 (12:15pm) – Monday, Jan 4 (8am) – Winter Break
  4. Monday, Jan 18 – MLK Holiday
  5. Monday, February 15 – Teacher Workday – Conferences
  6. Friday, February 19 – Teacher Workday – Professional Development
  7. Thursday, March 11 – End of Second Trimester

Thanks for reading the “Monday Minute”- the Exploris PTO blog post.

If you would like to submit information, please email your text (copy ready), photos, and links to Dana Deaton at news@explorispto.org by 9pm Sunday. 

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