5/10 MM: Snack Stash, Calendar, and more

  1. Snack Stash sign up
  2. Thank you, Amanda!
  3. Panera pickup volunteers needed
  4. Exploris 2021-22 School Calendar
  5. Communications Volunteer Needed
  6. Easy ways to support Exploris!
  7. May Exploris Newsletter online
  8. Calendar

1. Snack Stash for elementary and Middle School

Want to help: The end of the year is quickly approaching and snacks can always help brighten one’s day. The snack stash at the middle and elementary campus is running low and PTO would like your help in replenishing. Please click on the sign-up below if you are interested in donating something. Also, note the sign-up is for both elementary and middle school teachers. 

Sign-up for Snack Stash
Thanks for your help,Kindergarten Parent/Guardian Liaisons

2. Thank you, Amanda!

Over the past 6 years, Amanda Northrup has worked as crew teacher, Director of Curriculum, and Associate Director. She left Exploris at the end of April, and we will all miss her! If you’d like to join us in saying a big THANK YOU to Amanda, please click and enter your messages here on her online card: https://www.kudoboard.com/boards/aBPfgnp2

3. Panera Bread Donation Pick-up and Drop-off

We are looking for a few more volunteers to help with the Panera Bread Donation pick-up and drop-off. If you can assist please sign-up

Panera Bread Donation Sign-up

Also note if your family is in need and you would like to participate in receiving bread on Monday through our backpack buddies program- please reach out to Michelle Duncan, counselor, at michelled@rxploris.org

3. Exploris 2021-22 Calendar

The Exploris Board  has approved the calendar for next school year and it is online!  Visit:  https://explorispto.org/calendar/

>>>First Day of School: Monday, August 16, 2021

4. PTO Communications Work- VOLUNTEER(S) NEEDED

PTO communications jobs are opening as Dana is finishing her term as VP Communications. If you or another parent would be good for these tasks, please speak up! email news@explorispto.org

  • Monday Minute (PTO blog/email)
  • PTO Website (wordpress)
  • PTO Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • PTO Board Google Group

5. 8th Grade Graduation News:

Graduation Photo Slideshow: It is time to prepare for graduation! Thank you in advance for contributing to the Class of 2021 graduation montage; it helps us capture the story of the graduates’ journey through Exploris. Please upload high quality images (no screen shots or images downloaded from social media). Cell phone photos work great. You can complete this form multiple times if you need to upload more photos. Here’s the link

8th Grade Graduation will be held at the Rose Garden (Raleigh Little Theater) on Friday, June 11 at 10:30am.  The event will be one hour, students will sit with their families.  At this time each student can ONLY bring 2 guests.  We hope this number expands.  Bathroom facilities will not be available to us, but we have a family that lives nearby, and their home can be used in an emergency.   Families will have to bring their own chairs, blankets, food, and drinks. 

6. Exploris School PTO Passive Fundraising Opportunities

Thank you to everyone who is helping out with these easy fundraisers for our school! 

Please visit the Exploris PTO Passive Fundraising page for details and links! https://explorispto.org/fundraising/passivefundraising/

  • Harris Teeter VIC cards
  • Lowes Foods Cart to Class
  • Publix Partners
  • Box Tops 4 Education
  • Amazon Smile
  • GoodShop
  • Office Depot/Office Max

Questions? Suggestions?  Contact Desa Bojdo – dvcbojdo@gmail.com

7. May Exploris Newsletter Online

Click on the link below to see our latest newsletter! 
The Exploris School May Newsletter 2021

8– Calendar

  • Thursday, May 13  and Friday, May 14 – Teacher Workdays//Digital Learning Days//Passage portfolios (8th grade)
  • Monday, May 31- Memorial Day Holiday
  • Thursday, Jun 3 PTO Meeting 6:00 PM
  • Friday, June 11 – 8th grade Graduation (10:30 am), early dismissal
  • Friday, June 11 – End of Third Trimester, last day of school

On April 21, Exploris 4th graders released tiny shad (fish) that they had raised.

If you would like to submit information, please email your text (copy ready), photos, and links to Dana Deaton at news@explorispto.org by 9pm Sunday.