Middle School Dance! Get your tickets now

The PTO is excited to sponsor the 2022 Spring Middle School Dance! This will be the first dance our middle schoolers have been able to have since Fall 2019 (when the 8th graders were in 6th grade)!

We hope everyone will be able to attend this special event, now being held at the NC State University Club ballroom and outdoor courtyard. (Please note: We have updated the location since our first announcement.)


  • $8 in advance, $10 cash at the door.

Buy your tickets now! (Names will go on a list and students can check in at the dance.)


  • In addition to the Exploris teacher chaperones, we need parents to help. Sign up here:

Photos and Phones:

  • No cell phone policy – Cell phones must be checked in at the registration table and will be returned after the dance
  • There will be a photo booth for free event souvenirs.

Exploris Middle School Dance FAQs

The 2022 Exploris Middle School Dance is coming up on Friday, May 13. Please read this info!

  1. How much is admission? Admission is $10 at the door, $8 advance.
  2. Will elementary kids be there during the event? No, this is a middle school event only. In addition, while we appreciate (and need!) parents chaperoning, we ask that younger siblings not accompany you while chaperoning.
  3. What type of music will be played? Popular, “radio-version” music (including student requests) will be played by the DJ, who has a lot of school dance experience. He knows that inappropriate music should not be played.
  4. Is there a dress code? Casual, appropriate clothing. Some students dress up and others wear their regular clothes. The dance floor will be outside so please consider the temperature.
  5. What about cell phones? Students can bring phones but they must check them in at the door, and then they can pick them up before they leave. This is how Exploris has always handled cell phones at dances and the system has worked well. A parent volunteer will be guarding the phones during the dance. If a student must use their phone to text or call a parent during the dance, they can do that.
  6. How will drop-off and pick-up work? Drop off starting at 6:45, pickup between 9:00-9:15. Please drive through the circle drive at the covered front entrance of the University Club and drop students off at the main steps. They will walk up to the courtyard on the outside of the building and we will have check-in tables there. Students will also be picked up in front of the building. If you’d like to come in, please park in one of the three parking lots and walk up.
  7. Are parents welcome? We will need enough teachers and parent chaperones present to make sure the event is fun and safe for everyone. See the signup sheet. If you need to pick up your child before 9:00, please feel free to come in, find your child and check out the scene! If you are not needed as a chaperone, feel free to hang out outside or in the reception areas and chat with other parents during the event.
  8. No outside food or drink: We will serve popcorn, chips, cupcakes, lemonade, and water. No outside food or drink is allowed.
  9. IMPORTANTThis is an Exploris 6-8th grade event only, so we cannot allow students to bring non-Exploris friends to the dance. 

A huge thank-you to all of the parents who have already signed up to chaperone. We really appreciate it.


Carrie Kressmann and the PTO Dance Committee