Parents’ Back to School Check List

In the first week of school, most parents have a tiny voice in the back of their heads worrying they have forgotten something important the offspring need at school.

That little voice is probably right.

There is so much stuff to get through almost all of us forget something. To help you avoid adolescent whining…. “Mom! I told you to fill that out!” I’ve put together a checklist for Exploris parents. If you go down the list and check everything off, you can tell the tiny voice to hush and start enjoying your free time now that the kids are back in school.

We’ve made every effort to make sure everything is included here, but if we missed something, please let me know so I can update the information.

 Sign Up to Get Information

Follow the PTO blog at (Enter your email in the box on the right hand of the page and click “Follow”)

        • This is super important because ALL PTO communication is going through the blog this year.

Add the Exploris Google Calendar to your Google Calendar so you can keep up with important dates for Exploris.

Fill Out Online Forms

First, Read these documents so you can check yes when asked in the form below:

Fill out the Student Information Form.

Fill out the Parent Involvement Form

(optional)Fill out the Carpool Form if you want to carpool to school or an after school sport or club.

Fill Out Paper Forms

(If you can’t find your paper copy, you can click on the link and print a new one, then send the forms in with your child.)

Print out the last page (pg. 5) of the 2013-2014 Personal Responsibility Plan, then both you and your child review and sign it and return it to your teacher.

Economically Disadvantaged Students (EDS) Data Collection. 

      • We need all parents to complete this even if they aren’t economically disadvantaged.
      • There’s a place at the bottom to check that the form doesn’t apply to them

EMS Home Language Survey

Read relevant math handouts, sign, and return to your teacher.

(optional) Fill out the Lunch Order Form.

        • Staple your check to the form, and send it in to Mary Margaret at school if you want to purchase lunches for your child for this semester. 
        • You may want to look at the Lunch Information Sheet.

(optional) Cross-Country 

(optional) Fill out the After School Registration Form

To Read

Take a look at the EMS PTO Calendar at a Glance 2013-14.

Read through the Global Arts handouts.

Read the 2013 Outward Bound Letter if you have an 8th grader.

Read the Exploris Letter on Background Checks.

Read the PTO Letter for Meet the Teacher.

Review other fundraising opportunities. This may turn into a To Do if you find opportunities you are interested in.

Look over the Programs and Events web page to see what kinds of events will go on at Exploris this year.

To Do

Link Your Cards

(optional) Purchase Spirit Wear for your child.

Buy School Supplies

Like Exploris on Facebook. (Click icon.)Start saving (click icons for more information.)

To Think About

 Does your kid want to participate in a club?

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