Poll: Selecting a Night for an Exploris Adult Social (We Need Your Input ASAP)

CAM OutdoorsWe are scheduling an adult social for all elementary and middle school parents sometime in October or November. At the August PTO meeting, there was near universal agreement that Thursday nights would be a great time. Unfortunately, Thursday nights are apparently a great time for lots of people and space is both booked up and really expensive.

We are going to hold the event at the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM), an excellent space just blocks from Exploris. CAM has graciously offered us the space for the cost of cleaning if we hold our event on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night, or on a Sunday afternoon. Knowing that no time is ideal for everyone, we are going to schedule the date that works for the most people. Please take the poll at the bottom of this post. We will be finalizing the schedule on Thursday, Sept. 4.

We are also going to schedule a lot of other activities for Exploris parents and families later in the year, so we want to get your feedback now on what times can work for  you. Our goal is to select a variety of times and activities so even the busiest families can make some of the events. If you have ideas for events, post them in the Comment section!

Event Details (Still in the planning stages, but this is what we are hoping to do.)

  • Free! We aren’t asking you to buy tickets, which is why we need to keep our costs as low as possible.
  • Babysitting will be provided at Exploris Middle School by 8th graders as a fundraiser for Outward Bound. Details like cost still need to be worked out.
  • Chance to meet and mingle with other Exploris parents.
  • Food truck(s) will be available for dinner.
  • Wine and beer will be available for purchase.
  • Door prizes!
  • Student Soap Sales art show (hopefully)
  • Soap Sales samples and pre-purchasing
  • High Schools Info – Parents can get the dirt on local high school options from Exploris parents and alumni parents.
  • Kickoff for the Exploris annual fundraiser

If you want to help plan this event and/or other social events, email Khristi.

Take the Adult Social Poll and the When Do You Want to Get Together Poll!




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