3/30/20 Monday Minute

  1. Spring Break- Next Week
  2. Counselor Corner
  3. Online Learning- how are you doing?
  4. Silent Auction and Raffle- begins April 21
  5. Sprout Scouts!
  6. Upcoming Events

spring-break1. Spring Break- Next Week!
While your Spring Break plans have certainly changed, Friday, April 3 – Tuesday, April 14 is still Spring Break for Exploris. No online classes. 

2. The Exploris School Counselor Corner

I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the tremendous support we received to help families in need of food assistance. Words cannot express how deeply moved we have been with the support received and the families are truly grateful for this. Many of you donated time, food, gift cards, and money to help Exploris families in need. Your contribution total was around 4,000 dollars on March 16th. To date, we have been able to assist 20 families and the number continues to grow as time goes on.

Each week many of you are faced with more uncertainty and some of you have had job loss, illness, and other difficult circumstances. Please reach out if you need assistance.

In addition, we have the new Exploris Counselor Corner page and it is being updated daily with resources for families. You can click on the link above or access it from The Exploris Website under: Student Services

Please reach out to us directly by email for questions:
Michelle Duncan: michelled@exploris.org
Lori Mauro: lmauro@exploris.org

90676811_10207066424496389_369740119466311680_o3. Online Learning-  How are you doing?

Here are some tips from the 7th grade teachers:

Best Practices for Digital Learning 


    • Pick a place that will be your “classroom.”  Stock it w paper, pen/pencils, and any school books or materials
    • Set a schedule for yourself about when you will be online
    • Check your T.E.C.H.  Tabs closed, Electronics put away, Cell phone off, Headphones in
    • Schedule your breaks and rewards either by task (“when I finish ___, I will____”) or by time (“every 15 minutes I will stand up and stretch.” )
    • Stay connected!  Ask questions, send emails, participate in group chats and video meetings
    • Organize your work
      • Make a file for all the emails & communications from school
      • Make a calendar about what is happening and what is due when
      • Keep track of your passwords and log ins
    • Reach out. Having trouble with tech? With a school topic? With managing life at home? Send a note to your teacher and/or a trusted adult
    • Save time each day to:
      • Read!
      • Create! (make some art, build something, play some music, dance, etc.)
      • Move!   (get outside, do some yoga, set up your own workout routine)

Online Etiquette

    • When joining digital meetings, keep your mic muted and unmute only when you are speaking.  This cuts down on background noise
    • Avoid side chats— they distract yourself and others  (just like in class!)
    • Don’t eat on camera– it can be noisy and some people find it unappealing.
    • Dress for class!  School dress code applies online, too!
    • It’s okay to just use audio and not appear on camera, if you prefer. (It also uses less data if you’re not on wifi.)
    • THINK before you post/send.  It’s one thing to say something inappropriate in class, but online, there’s a record and many more people can see your words. Stay on task and on topic. 

For Families:

  • Help students choose & use a consistent work space
  • A solid schedule will be your best friend
    • Balance work and break time for all
    • Try to keep normal bedtimes and morning routines
    • Use timers to help keep track
  • Help, but don’t hover. 
  • Stay connected to teachers and the school
  • Please respect teacher working hours and where possible, avoid contacting staff after “school” hours or weekends.
  • It’s okay to ask for help with tech, with emotional support, with academic questions
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed by options.
    • Yes, there are wonderful websites and platforms out there
    • No, you don’t need to know/sign up for/use them all
  • Take care of yourselves so you can be there for your kids

4. Silent Auction and Raffle

Inked84254113_481074672583999_2461070252641878016_n_LIThe 2020 Exploris PTO Silent Auction & Raffle will be held April 21- May 2. 

The auction is held online. Sadly, we have canceled the Kick-off Night at Lynnwood and our Exploris Family Day.  However, we’ll still have our online auction, and we hope you’ll participate from home!

Please visit our Silent Auction & Raffle page more details

5. Team Sprout Scouts!  

Thanks so much to Connected World Teacher Callie for taking care of the Elementary School garden during the school campus closure.  From Callie :

“Peas and beans growing so fast! Had to make them a trellis to climb… it’s pretty Exploris-y hahaha”


6. Upcoming Events
  • Spring Break – Friday, April 3 – Tuesday, April 14 
  • Monday, April 20- PTO Meeting, 6:30pm, Zoom
  • Tuesday, April 21- Silent Auction Kickoff Night- Online
  • April 21- May 2 Silent Auction is Live!
  • Saturday, May 2- Silent Auction Finale
  • May 4-8- Teacher Appreciation Week
  • *Friday, May 8- Middle School Dance
  • Friday, May 15 – Teacher Workday
  • *Friday, May 22 – No School for 8th grade only – passage portfolios
  • *Friday, May 22- PTO Meeting, 11:30 at Tobacco Road
  • Monday, May 25- Memorial Day Holiday
  • *June 1 – June 12 – EOG Testing Window
  • *Friday, June 12 – 8th Grade Graduation (10:30 am), early dismissal
  • Friday, June 12 – End of Third Trimester, last day of school

*Denotes activities that may need be canceled, updated, or held online. 

The 2019-20 Exploris Google Calendar and PTO Calendar links are here: https://explorispto.org/about/calendar/

Thanks for reading the Monday Minute. We publish this Exploris PTO blog post each Monday during the school year.  

If you would like to submit information, please email your text (copy ready), photos, and links to Dana Deaton by 9pm Sunday at news@exploris.org