3/15 MM: Plan B, Calendar, Easy Fundraisers!

  1. Support Exploris through these easy fundraisers!
  2. 2021-22 Exploris First Day of School
  3. Plan B Information
  4. March Birthdays
  5. Calendar

1. Exploris School PTO Passive Fundraising Opportunities

Thank you to everyone who is helping out with these easy fundraisers for our school! 

Please visit the Exploris PTO Passive Fundraising page for details and links! https://explorispto.org/fundraising/passivefundraising/

  • Harris Teeter VIC cards
  • Lowes Foods Cart to Class
  • Publix Partners
  • Box Tops 4 Education
  • Amazon Smile
  • GoodShop
  • Office Depot/Office Max

Questions? Suggestions?  Contact Desa Bojdo – dvcbojdo@gmail.com

2. Exploris 2021-22 Calendar

The Exploris Board did not approve a calendar for next year at the last board meeting but they did approve the first day of school! The full year calendar will be posted on the school and PTO websites as soon as it is approved.

>>>First Day of School: Monday, August 16, 2021

Exploris 7th graders enjoyed having lunch together in Nash Square.
3. Exploris is on Plan B!

On March 8, we began our Plan B hybrid instruction model. The first four days were a success and all of the students and faculty members we spoke with felt good about the return to campus. Each grade level will be on-campus for one week (Monday – Thursday) on a 3-week rotation, you can see the calendar below for more details. Parents please check your emails for crew lists and other specific crew information.

This week (March 16-19) 1st, 4th, and 6th grades will be on campus.



The crew lists were emailed to parents on February 24. Please check to ensure that you know if your student is signed up for virtual or hybrid.

Remember that in-person learning will take place Monday-Thursday, with Fridays being virtual. In addition, there will be no walk ups– students must stay in their car in the carpool lane until temperatures are taken by a staff member. Please look at the calendar to find out when your student will be back on campus. 

Please note that school will look different:

  • Everyone must wear a mask all day
  • Students will stay in one room, at one seat for that day
  • Teachers will rotate from room to room to teach the different subjects and lead activities
  • Group work will not happen unless students can work and maintain 6 feet of distance
  • Students will have frequent stretch breaks at their desks and where possible, lunch, breaks, recess, and even some class activities will happen outside

Arrival times are 7:45-8:15 for middle school students and 8:10-8:30 for elementary students. Dismissal times are 2:00-2:15 for middle school students and 2:15-2:30 for elementary students.

There will be no before or after school care.

If at any time, you would like to switch to 100% virtual learning, please email Amanda to request this change at amanda@exploris.org. Be aware, that if you switch back to virtual, you will not be able to go back to in-person later.

The deadline to switch to the hybrid model was Monday, March 1st. Please email Amanda amanda@exploris.org teacher if you have questions.

– The Leadership Team: Amanda, Deb, Koren, Leah, Michelle, Tom

4. March Birthdays

Please join us in wishing Happy Birthday to all the March babies!  

  • 3/1:  Robert Tant  (3rd Grade)
  • 3/10:  Chris Duncan (Middle School EC)
  • 3/14:  Annah Reidal (4th Grade)
  • 3/19:  Callie Kirsch (Connective World)
  • 3/20:  Deborah Brown (Associate Director MS)
  • 3/25:  Lisa Ferrando (Movement and 3rd TP)


5– Calendar

  • Monday, March 15 – Teacher Workday//Digital Learning Day
  • Spring Break – Friday, March 26 (3:15pm) – Tuesday, April 6 (8am)
  • Monday, April 5 – Teacher Workday
  • Thursday,  May 6 PTO Meeting 6:00 PM
  • Thursday, May 13  and Friday, May 14 – Teacher Workdays//Digital Learning Days//Passage portfolios (8th grade)
  • Monday, May 31- Memorial Day Holiday
  • Thursday, Jun 3 PTO Meeting 6:00 PM
  • Friday, June 11 – 8th grade Graduation (10:30 am), early dismissal
  • Friday, June 11 – End of Third Trimester, last day of school

If you would like to submit information, please email your text (copy ready), photos, and links to Dana Deaton at news@explorispto.org by 9pm Sunday.