Global Arts Update

(Originally emailed by Mary Margaret on 2/27/2014.)


Friday, February 27, 2014


Sixth grade artist were inspired by the recent snowy weather to draw birds of North Carolina in a winter setting.  Students learned how to draw realistic birds, show distance in their work and how to blend chalk pastels successfully.  They did an amazing job and will hopefully recognize more birds in their own backyard.

Seventh graders have been studying the American artist, Charley Harper.  His whimsical illustrations inspired cut-out birds with simple backgrounds.  After sketching, drawing a pattern and cutting out birds, I thought it was a good time to create three-dimensional clay birds.

Eighth graders enjoyed learning facial proportions with clay bust.  Their figures were expressive and fun.  They are currently glazing these before they are fired again.

Our next project will be cardboard relief sculptures in the style of Frank Stella.  I really need more cardboard, so if you have any boxes or tubes at home, please send them in.  Thanks!

Global Cultures

The seventh grade Global Village Market was an unbelievable success!  Thanks to all the parents who were patient and supportive while the students worked to create something from one of the cultures they will experience on their upcoming field to trip to Heifer Global Village.

The quality of work from these students was remarkable on many levels — their effort this trimester was greatly appreciated.


Sixth and eighth grade classroom presentations are all completed now, and there were many creative ideas in sixth grade about how holidays are a result of the natural seasons, and in eighth grade about what type of multicultural attraction would be a great addition to Raleigh.

I will begin meeting with all students now to discuss project grades.  Each group will tell me what each group member deserves for group work (on-task, productive, reliable with deadlines, etc.,) and project work (quality of research, work done on the market and presentation, etc.).  The purpose of these conversations is to make sure each group member feels that his/her individual grade is an accurate reflection of his/her daily interaction within the group setting.  Students were given the chance to meet with me about a month ago to begin having these conversations, but very few took advantage..

Each class is now brainstorming to give me ideas for projects that they would enjoy working on during the final trimester in the following areas:

6th grade:  Economies as a result of geography

7th grade:  The effect of art on modern societies

8th grade:  The current and future states of immigration in North Carolina

Wellness & Body Life

Our present focus has shifted from Soccer and Volleyball to Swimming for Eighth grade, Racquet Sports (Koosh Ball, a modified Tennis and Eclipse Ball)  and a recent week honoring the Winter Olympics we played some Hockey!

The 4 Quadrant approach, where players must remain in a designated area of the playing field, matched with up with players of similar skill level has been employed with Soccer and now with Hockey.  Overall, our students enjoyed the experience, some for the first time, of playing this interesting winter sport of Hockey.  A special thanks to our in house experts, Caleb Padgett, Colton Burchett, Alex Dorer, Adam Knott and Joe Malone for helping to develop, demonstrate and coach some hockey drills to give some initial help with stick handling, passing and shooting.  I want to applaud all of our students for the high level of spirited play and good sportsmanship exhibited this week.IMAG0395.jpg

Swimming – Following all the weather delays we are back on track for Swimming with our Wednesday and Thursday Wellness Eighth Grade students at beautiful Pullen Aquatic Center.  They have been assessed and are working in appropriate level groups, developing their free style, breast and back strokes.  Also, and importantly they are working to strengthen their ability to tread water.  The fun and focused energy of our students has been delightful to see.

We will continue to play various Racquet / Net games as the weather allows us to get outside.

Cycling – Registration forms and more info is coming next week for our four half-day Cycling Camps being held during the first week of Spring Break.

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