It’s that time again – Send in Your “Teacher Stash” Donations

Not actually our school… but what we are aiming for!

“Teacher Stash” is little something new the PTO is started this year. Instead of just one week in spring, we show our teachers we appreciate them all year by keeping items they love stocked at school….everything from teacher snacks to student extras!

This is our second collection period. The Teacher Stash collection at the beginning of the year was a huge hit and the teachers were truly grateful. Our next official collection period will be in the spring during Teacher Appreciation week.

Sign up to send in items below:

Elementary School:

Middle School:

*** Please send items in to the collection box in the offices of both schools early next weekMonday, November 17th, through Wednesday, Nov. 19. (Though you are welcome to send items in anytime during the year if you feel the urge. The teachers can really go through some snacks! 🙂 )

Items should be sent in marked “Teacher Stash”. Penney Lettie, our PTO Teacher Appreciation chair, will organize everything for the teachers. Additional quantities of any items are welcomed. Thanks, in advance, for your donation to the “Teacher Stash”!

Questions? Email Penney Lettie

PS: Extra quantities are welcome and any brands are fine…notes under items are just shopping ideas.

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